woman – harry styles


💘 alvvays 💘

there was one song that i couldn’t stop listening to last year: flyte’s cover of archie, marry me. it was one of those songs that made falling in love with someone seem so easy despite having everything and everyone telling you the complete opposite. non-conformity and taking the piss out of people who get married young and do the typical ‘next-level’ stuff is what it appears alvvays is getting at. but archie and whoever wants to marry him in this song clearly go in a bit too deep, and marriage is actually the ‘next step.’

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joy affair

“Why would you try to chase it all away
If you never face it, how’s it gonna go your way
You know this feeling doesn’t tend to stay
So stop trying to force it all away”

– SUGARTHIEF ‘Joy Affair’ (2016)

Birmingham has produced some of my favourite bands, and SUGARTHIEF are another on the list.