compared to last year

you just get off the bus one day, and you’re alone, and you feel fine, the sun is slightly out, there’s a soft breeze playing with your hair

and you don’t mind that

and you don’t mind being alone, because people pass you by, and cars rush past, and blossoms are in bloom

and you’re just happy and content with being, with existing.

for once, you’re just happy with your life, and even though it’s come at the most random moment: simply stepping off the bus, you’re so thankful

because these are the times life is worth living for, because you never believed you could feel content at the simplest things in life

and though it isn’t always permanent, in fact it’s very fleeting; coming in waves, and when you least expect it, it reminds you that you made the right decision to continue through the worst and darkest moments, when you really couldn’t see any hope.

i guess, sometimes you have to experience really horrible and mean things to appreciate the better days.

it’s a cycle, things are temporary and don’t last – sadness and happiness are just the same, they come and go.

life is imperfect, but that’s what makes it the best: the not knowing, the ambiguity.

i’m listening to glass in the park by alex turner, walking through that green bit near when i grew up. i have depression, but i don’t feel it today.


Author: Sahar Ghadirian

i like to take pictures, and write

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