harry styles

considering louis tomlinson was always my favorite, then harry, it’s pretty bizarre that harry and zayn are now my faves solo. i grew up listening to a lot of different music – those now 60/70 albums really do shape who you are don’t they. sugababes obviously, one direction, obviously, and of course what people around me listened to – simon and garfunkel, the beatles and then whatever artists i discovered from watching top of the pops with my dad. then i really became a beatles fan when i was 15 and then just fell in love with guitar music and rock (and wish you were here by pink floyd, and damon albarn, yes.) and not to miss out the music being made in my own city – arctic monkeys, milburn, pulp and later listening to the long blondes , little man tate and the resttt.

obvs i can’t forget being a 1d fan, ever. lol. i think who i am today is largely down to them being around for a good chunk of my teenage years. maybe cringey, but so true. and being able to make life-long friends through a band is pretty amazing.

when harry released his debut album, i instantly warmed to the fact he’d merged these two worlds. how the 1d element and rocky element of my life suddenly made more sense together.

ever since new york, meet me in the hallway, two ghosts and from the dining table are all songs that have that soft rock side to them. i feel like they’d be better listened to whilst driving down a Californian freeway (before you hit the awful traffic). i think it was great timing that the album was released in May 2017 when i was on holiday in LA. it just makes listening to the album so much more memorable. i was so happy and despite so much rubbish happening since then, i’ll always remember being sat on a pull out bed in the beverly hilton hotel, and listening to it; being slightly blown away how harry had suddenly become a solo musician, with a new band, and then an actual actor in an actual film that quickly?


images: harry styles @ manc o2 apollo: 2017

Author: Sahar Ghadirian

i like to take pictures, and write

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