saying too much, and feeling much better: see you around, 2018.

so i wrote a whole thing about the past 3 years and it helped to let it all out. but in reality, it was all just a jumble of words and i kinda don’t want anyone to see that because it’s a reflection of what a mess my mind has been, and some of it didn’t even have much truth to it, which sums up the past year :/. also there were some awful spelling mistakes ha. [and a few too many revealing stories lol, i’ll keep those to myself from now x :)]

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Do You Remember The First Time?

in a sudden turn of events, for the first time in weeks, maybe even months, i actually feel genuinely fine? things are definitely not perfect at all, but i’m feeling o.k.a.y. so to end off the shittiest and lowest year of my life (no exaggeration, maybe i’ll talk about it in like 20 years), i want to share a playlist that’ll always put me in a good mood, maybe it will for other PULP fans toooo (cause we all fancy jarvis cocker a little bit don’t we ;p).

the girl you pictured in a dream

images: soccer mommy – cool video: 2018, vevo

Sophie Allison AKA Soccer Mommy, is one of my favourite discoveries of 2018 (thnx Spotify). Lo-fi indie-pop doesn’t get any better than this.

“She’ll treat you like a fucking toy

She’ll break your heart and steal your joy, like a criminal”