it’s so easy to lie

i’ve realised how easy it is to lie to people recently. lying is an extremely easy way to avoid being honest. i know that’s not a new revelation for anyone, but the simplicity of it is so much deeper. we lie to people for many reasons – it could be to avoid letting our guard down, to avoid showing them how much they can affect us. we might lie to avoid hurting someone else, so in some ways we think it’s better to keep things going as they are, no matter how bad they are, just for the sake of it. or keep things going as they are because it’s ‘good’ and we don’t want to ruin it. others lie because it’s an addiction, they’re so used to creating an image, so used to trying to not let others down, they need to make up excuses for what they think they’re missing. lying could be done for attention, to make people feel sorry for you when you desperately need it, when you’re feeling low, and lying can be done when you just want to fit in, or are ashamed of who you are.

some people lie as the easy way out, under the illusion that it’s hard. as if lying took so much strength, because you had the intention to be honest but just… couldn’t.

*but*, when you’re honest, when you make the decision to actually put your feelings out there, and tell someone how they made you feel, either good or bad, it’s so much harder, so much more courageous. there is always a bigger risk with being honest than lying. because when you own up to something, like revealing your feelings. and that can change everything. the other person on the receiving end could be happy at what you’ve said, sad, confused, or just pissed off.

but what they need to consider is how hard it was to even get to that stage. i think being honest shows how much someone means to you. it shows your value for them. it displays that you put them on such a high pedestal that they are worth knowing how you feel (even though honesty should always be a given in a perfect world, but in society it’s not that at all unfortunately).

being honest to someone shows you’re ready to risk what you have, for the sake of better communication. and hopefully they react well. hopefully they see you did it, not because you want to change the person, or get something out of it, but because you felt like you needed to communicate how you felt to improve a situation, and they were important enough to you for you to tell them.

never feel bad for wanting to let someone know how you feel. and try not to take any shortcuts in that process.



compared to last year

you just get off the bus one day, and you’re alone, and you feel fine, the sun is slightly out, there’s a soft breeze playing with your hair

and you don’t mind that

and you don’t mind being alone, because people pass you by, and cars rush past, and blossoms are in bloom

and you’re just happy and content with being, with existing.

for once, you’re just happy with your life, and even though it’s come at the most random moment: simply stepping off the bus, you’re so thankful

because these are the times life is worth living for, because you never believed you could feel content at the simplest things in life

and though it isn’t always permanent, in fact it’s very fleeting; coming in waves, and when you least expect it, it reminds you that you made the right decision to continue through the worst and darkest moments, when you really couldn’t see any hope.

i guess, sometimes you have to experience really horrible and mean things to appreciate the better days.

it’s a cycle, things are temporary and don’t last – sadness and happiness are just the same, they come and go.

life is imperfect, but that’s what makes it the best: the not knowing, the ambiguity.

i’m listening to glass in the park by alex turner, walking through that green bit near when i grew up. i have depression, but i don’t feel it today.

word vomit: in between days & sex education

images: Sex Education, Netflix, IMDb

i’ll start with saying i don’t really know what to say. i don’t feel sad, but i don’t feel that happy either. all i can explain right now is a feeling of existing, with 0 clue of what the current purpose of my life is- in the least depressing way.

there are things i’m looking forward to, gigs like the 1975 this week, or ones which are months away. and going out with my pals etc.

but what about the moments when you’re alone- the times in between the things you look forward to… the things you have to endure, to experience *actual* happiness? the bits in between like writing a 4,000 word essay in 3 days because you procrastinated and left it way too late, or attending lectures and seminars when you don’t want to because you let anxiety get in the way, or scrolling on Instagram and delving way too deep in to stalker mode on someone who you don’t even know but assume they have the perfect life, so of course you want to be them and begin to self-loathe, or having to read a book you’re really not interested in. but, some of the ‘in between’ days can actually be worth it and satisfying, if we make good use of them- like turning the page of a good self-help book, or watching a really brilliant film (dead poets society), or, scrolling through funny twitter threads.

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